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Albie casiГ±o -

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This cute but still masculine nickname -- with connections to princes, Hogwarts headmasters and the Manzo family of "Real Housewives of New Jersey " -- almost has enough heft to stand on its own.

But all of its precursor names have merit. Close Find the right name for your baby using our advanced search tool Gender girl. Home Baby Boy Names.

Male Origin of Albie: Diminutive of Albert , Alban or Albus. Share Albie on Facebook Share on Facebook. Furio was an extremely loyal and dedicated soldier for his boss Tony, but he does not appear to have been a violent individual outside of that context.

On the contrary, his personality was rather passive and sometimes even childlike, and he generally behaved in a very calm and polite manner.

He spoke respectfully at all times and was not known to lose his temper, nor did he ever become entangled in rivalries within the Soprano crew.

He also displayed a great deal of sentimentality and nostalgia when talking of his native land of Naples and his former employment working in the olive garden of a rich man.

Before his employment with the Italian mafia, he presumably worked as a master cheese maker. Furio was also known for his long hair, which he usually wore in a ponytail, and his penchant for elaborate, flashy silk shirts.

Furio's first assignment was to extract payment from a massage parlor owner whose wife had convinced him to withhold payment.

In an earlier visit, Chris had acted in an intimidating manner and shoved a paintbrush dipped in paint into his nostril. Furio was less restrained — he fearlessly smashed up the place, and showed no hesitation about hitting the guests or the owner's wife.

He then broke the owner's arm with a baseball bat and shot him in the kneecap — all of which made a positive impression on Tony.

Furio was also one of the few people to know that Richie Aprile had been killed, as Tony tasked Furio and Christopher for assistance with dismembering Richie's body at Satriale's.

Furio made collections from low-level associates Matthew Bevilaqua and Sean Gismonte and was not above taking a cut of his own. Furio's grabbiness with Matt and Sean would cause problems later, as they are convinced they are being used by Tony, and then attempt to murder Christopher by shooting him.

Furio's role in the overall plot of season 3 is minor. Because of his injury, Furio walks with a cane for the next episode the finale of season 3 , but is fine several months later when season 4 begins.

Artie borrows the money from Tony Soprano but when Artie goes to Jean Pierre's apartment to collect the money, he claims he does not have it and does not know when he is going to "get it.

Furio is later tasked with reclaiming Tony's assumed debt from Jean-Pierre Colbert, which he does. Furio eventually began to fall in love with Tony's wife, Carmela , who also saw him as a dashing, sensitive man — Tony's polar opposite — but the two never truly became romantically entwined.

Carmela tried to deflect her attraction by arranging dates for Furio. For a time, however, there was significant sexual tension between them.

Carmela found excuses to visit Furio including assisting him in buying and decorating a house, and planning a house-warming party, but made sure she was never alone with him.

At the house-warming they shared a sexually charged dance, Furio later claims he forgot his sunglasses at the Soprano house, just as a ploy to talk with Carmela.

When Furio's father died, he returned to Italy for the funeral. He sought the advice of his uncle, another Mafia member, telling him that Italy no longer felt like home and that he was in love with his boss's wife, feeling that they could truly communicate.

His uncle made it clear he had to move on or kill his boss. Upon his return, Furio withdrew from Carmela, presenting gifts to her children but not her.

In the season 4 penultimate episode " Eloise ", Furio witnesses Tony's infidelity first hand on a night out at a casino when Tony was dancing and being excessively flirtatious with a stripper.

This enrages Furio to no end, as he thinks Carmela deserves better. A helicopter had been arranged to take them home and while Tony was urinating on the tarmac, Furio suddenly grabs him by his jacket and contemplates pushing Tony into the back rotor blades of the helicopter.

Furio then pulls him away and plays if off by telling Tony "You were standing too close Faced with the possibility of being killed by a vengeful Tony — and with ongoing thoughts of killing Tony himself — Furio packed up, moved back to Italy and disappeared.

Carmela later went by Furio's house and stared in awe at the fact it was empty and for sale. Carmela was devastated, and eventually revealed her feelings for him in an argument with Tony, to which Tony replies "If certain men see him, he's a dead man".

This is one of the only times in the show that Tony explicitly concedes to Carmela that murder is part of his business. In Season 5, it is said that Tony has men looking for him in Italy.

However, it is never stated whether Furio was found, as this is the last time anyone spoke of him on the show. Furio's fate ultimately remains unknown.

Philip "Phil" Leotardo , played by actor Frank Vincent , was originally a captain in the Lupertazzi Crime Family , but following the death of the original boss, Carmine Lupertazzi , the imprisonment and death of his successor Johnny Sacrimoni , and a brief power struggle with would-be boss Faustino "Doc" Santoro , Phil became the Boss of the Family.

Phil was married to Patty Leotardo and was a second cousin of Marie Spatafore. Leotardo revealed in season six that when his grandfather immigrated from Sicily, officials changed their last name at Ellis Island from Leonardo to Leotardo.

His father was named Francis, who he also has his grandson named after. Born in , a prominent member and longtime captain of the Lupertazzi crime family , Phil Leotardo was one of the wiseguys who were sent to prison during the "Mafia Crackdown of the s" and, after serving 20 years, was released as part of the "Class of '04" at the beginning of season 5.

Phil was always good at his job; he had an alleged 27 hits to his credit. Phil had a percentage in a midget car racetrack, which was co-owned by Johnny Soprano and Hesh Rabkin.

Phil enraged Tony by saying that he "has some balls, kid", as Feech La Manna also viewed him as a kid.

Although Johnny Sack and Silvio tried to calm the situation, Tony angrily replied to Phil that "it's not the s and I'm not a kid", demanded payment within five days and stormed out.

Phil indicated that he, like Carmine Lupertazzi , did not see the DiMeo family as a Mafia crime family and therefore their leader was not a boss.

Phil tried to avoid Tony but he was forced off the road and crashed into a parked truck and injured his neck.

He had to wear a neck brace for the next few weeks. Phil took full advantage of this and tried to wring as much work as possible out of the deal at no charge.

One side was led by Carmine's underboss, Johnny Sack , while the other was ostensibly led by Carmine's only son and Miami Capo " Little Carmine " Lupertazzi, although it is likely that Consigliere Angelo Garepe and Capo Rusty Millio were the real power behind this faction, and Little Carmine would be used as a "puppet" of sorts.

Phil became Johnny's right-hand man during the war, and carried out murders in order to weaken Little Carmine's resolve.

Phil performed a mock execution of Lorraine Calluzzo , while she was tightly taped and gagged, shooting at her while holding a phone book in the path of the bullet, to persuade her to redirect her payments from Little Carmine to Johnny Sack.

Phil coldly ignored Angelo's pleas to spare him because they knew each other. Acting only as Johnny's field marshal until that point, Phil became personally involved in the war when his brother Billy was murdered by Tony Blundetto , as revenge for the hit the Leotardo brothers carried out on Angelo, who was Blundetto's close friend.

Tony Soprano initially protected Blundetto against Phil. When it became clear that Tony's men would not allow themselves to be imperiled for no good reason, Tony was forced to act.

Tony ultimately murdered his own cousin to save his family and give Blundetto a quick and painless death.

Soprano did this because at an earlier meeting, Johnny Sack had made it clear that Phil would torture Blundetto if he got his hands on him.

Phil was, according to Johnny Sack, 'beside himself' that his opportunity for vengeance was stolen. However, at a meeting between the two bosses, Johnny and Tony made peace, but the moment was interrupted by Johnny's arrest by the FBI , while Tony escaped.

With Johnny in Federal custody, Phil became acting boss of the Lupertazzi family, and on the surface was faithful in continuing the work of Johnny Sack.

Even Tony Soprano commended his leadership skills. Phil worked closely with Tony and Vito Spatafore , the husband of his cousin, on the two family's joint construction efforts.

Phil mediated the dispute over the sale of Barone sanitation passing messages back and forth between Tony and Johnny Sack. Phil also resolved a dispute over the beating of Hesh Rabkin 's son-in-law Eli by offering generous compensation.

However, due to Phil's "old-school" mentality, he developed contempt for formerly close friends who have displayed what he sees as "effeminate" qualities: At the wedding, Phil also watched as Tony collapsed when asked to remove his shoes.

Phil's homophobia is portrayed as obsessive even by Mafia standards. Distracted with all the duties of an acting boss Phil made elderly Lupertazzi mobster Albie Cianfalone his consigliere.

Gerry received his button soon after being given his new responsibilities and Phil gave a speech at a celebratory dinner held at Nuovo Vesuvio.

Phil used the opportunity to expound on his feelings about Vito's homosexuality. Phil visited Marie to try to find out if she knew where Vito was, when she pleaded for mercy for her husband he told her they just wanted to get Vito help.

Phil also harassed Tony about his efforts to find Vito. Phil visited Tony at the Feast of St. Elzear and they planned a last minute hijacking together — Phil suggested they cut Johnny out of a share in the profits and Tony agreed.

When Johnny was planning to give in to asset seizures to reduce his sentence he avoided using Phil to conduct any of his business. Once Johnny's allocution at his trial became public, Phil again expressed his disappointment in the boss in front of his crew.

In the episode " Cold Stones ", Phil played in the background for the majority of the episode, busy sorting out Johnny Sack's turning.

Vito, who was back in New Jersey, met Tony and offered to buy his way back into the family. Tony refused, but did not attempt to harm Vito. Phil and his associates later showed up to ask Tony Soprano about Vito Spatafore's whereabouts.

Tony lied, delaying the inevitable. Tony had arranged for Carlo Gervasi to execute Vito at the mall early in the morning on the pretense that Vito was supposedly meeting up with Tony, to straighten out the messy situation.

The night before Vito was supposed to meet up with Tony, Vito returned to his hotel where Phil's soldiers Gerry Torciano and Dominic "Fat Dom" Gamielleo ambushed Vito with pool sticks when he walked in the door.

Phil emerged from the closet, slowly walked up to Vito who was being held by Gerry and Fat Dom and sits down on the bed.

He looks Vito in the eye and says, "You're a fucking disgrace. After murdering him, they subsequently stick a pool stick up his rectum to signify their extreme disdain for homosexuality.

Subsequently with having made his cousin Marie a widow, Phil balks when Tony tries to reach out to him for restitution for Marie and refuses. Phil soon returned to routine business, apparently not expecting a response from New Jersey.

Yet not long after the murder, Fat Dom was murdered by an enraged Carlo during a visit to Satriale's when he made one too many jokes at Vito's expense, and the body quietly disposed of.

Next, Leotardo himself received a shock from Tony Soprano's official response; while on a date with his Ukrainian housemaid, Leotardo approached one of his Brooklyn businesses, only to be blown off of his feet by a bomb planted in the wire room the building had housed.

After an unsuccessful attempt by Little Carmine Lupertazzi to broker peace between the families, Leotardo and his crew plotted revenge.

Although Phil balked at the idea of killing Tony himself, captain Butch DeConcini seemingly persuaded him to target someone important to the DiMeo family.

However, their planning was cut short when Phil suffered a late-night heart attack and was hospitalized during Christmas There, Tony paid him a visit, relating the fear and regret Tony had felt during his own near-death experience, and asking for peace in the interests of business.

Tony's words seemed effective, even moving Phil to tears. As of , a healed Phil expressed a wish to spend more time at home with his blood family, in keeping with the sentiment offered to him by Tony.

Yet Phil did not strongly back Torciano as successor, and Lupertazzi underboss Doc Santoro soon made his own bid for power by having Torciano murdered.

After deciding to get back in the game, Phil waited, working under Doc Santoro until the old man's arrogance got too much to handle.

As Phil sat down to dinner with Doc to acknowledge him as boss, Doc humiliated Phil by literally taking food from his plate. Knowing that he had broad support, including Tony's, Phil ordered a hit on Santoro.

Driven by Butch DeConcini, Phil's crew murdered Santoro and an associate outside a massage parlor, leaving him dead on the sidewalk.

Phil rejects Tony's offer of compromise on an asbestos removal project. After Tony viciously beats one of Phil's men, Coco, for threatening his daughter , Phil refuses to meet with Tony and then launches a war against the DiMeo family , ordering that New York is to "decapitate" New Jersey and do business with what's left, instructing that hits be made on Tony, Bobby , and Silvio Dante.

Bobby is killed and Silvio is wounded so badly that he falls into a coma. In the Sopranos series finale , " Made in America ", Butch DeConcini and Albie Cianfalone arrange a sit down with Tony and Paulie, where they express their dissatisfaction with Phil's leadership and agree to a ceasefire of the war.

Butchie says he will not reveal the location of Phil, but then says "You do what you got to do. Shortly thereafter, Leotardo is shown talking to his wife through a car window at a Raceway gas station when he is suddenly shot in the head by Walden Belfiore , a soldier in the Gervasi crew of the DiMeo crime family.

Leaving the grandchildren in her Ford Expedition , Leotardo's wife rushes to Phil's side in a panic. Unattended and still in drive with the engine running, the large SUV idles forward and a wheel rolls over and with a loud popping sound a tire and wheel crushes Phil's skull.

Leotardo's murder was the 92nd and final murder on the series. Carmine "Little Carmine" Lupertazzi Jr. After following in his father's footsteps and becoming a member of the Lupertazzi family at an early age, he greatly benefited from his position, building a luxurious life for himself.

Little Carmine also has interests in several legitimate businesses in addition to receiving proceeds from illicit activities. He moved with his family to Florida, along with his criminal operations, and splits time between Florida and New York.

While Little Carmine is initially viewed as a pretentious, spoiled mobster whose constant malapropisms convey poor intellect, he later assumes an elder-statesmen role, frequently mediating disputes that arise in the Lupertazzi crime family.

Little Carmine is introduced in season four when Tony Soprano visits him in Miami to seek his counsel in settling a dispute with Carmine Sr.

Johnny Sack agrees to the move, but is still somewhat turned off by Little Carmine's presence. Little Carmine counsels his father and Carmine Sr.

In the beginning of season five, Carmine Lupertazzi Sr. Little Carmine immediately comes up to New York from Florida to see his father before he passes, and quickly becomes embroiled in a power struggle with Johnny Sack.

Since Little Carmine is the son of the former boss, he has some claim to the throne, and this angers Johnny who was Lupertazzi Sr. Despite his shortcomings, Little Carmine finds backers in Carmine Sr.

Angelo and Rusty, along with Rusty's right-hand man Eddie Pietro, pull most of the strings during the war between Johnny and Little Carmine.

However, after a cycle of bloodshed that escalates into war, Little Carmine ultimately finds it difficult to stomach the continuing violence and abdicates.

Johnny Sack was in Little Carmine's wedding party and tells Tony that he arranged Carmine's bachelor party that included lesbians having sex and prostitution, something that he found disgusting.

His decision was heavily influenced by the murder of Angelo Garepe, one of the kingmakers who backed him. After this, Litte Carmine keeps a low profile and is no longer seen as a threat.

Johnny Sack was arrested soon after by the FBI who were acting on information given to them by Johnny's trusted ally and Carmine's long-time consigliere Jimmy Petrille.

With Johnny in federal custody during his federal racketeering trial, Phil Leotardo became the acting boss in New York.

By season six, Little Carmine is brought in as an investor on a movie project, Cleaver , that Christopher Moltisanti has been working on. Little Carmine is instrumental in organizing a meeting with Sir Ben Kingsley in Los Angeles to court his interest in the project, but Kingsley eventually passes on the lead role.

Little Carmine had helped Kingsley's booking agent out of some trouble he had down in the Florida Keys. Johnny Sack, soon after being convicted of racketeering, develops lung cancer and dies in a prison hospital.

After this, Tony Soprano approaches Little Carmine about his taking control of the family. Little Carmine wryly remarks, "You never thought you'd mutter those words.

Carmine then proceeds to tell Tony about a dream he had after his father died. In the dream, Carmine Sr. Little Carmine interprets this as a message that success as a mobster will not give him a fulfilling life.

He also tells Tony that he had a near panic attack one day and his wife told him she wanted him to live a long and healthy life and not leave her a rich widow.

In expressing this, he tells Tony he does not want to become boss of the crime family and that his ultimate interests lie outside of the organization.

This seems to make Tony envious of Little Carmine's situation. Nevertheless, Little Carmine continues to get involved in crime family affairs.

He tries to help resolve a longstanding feud between the Lupertazzi crime family and the Soprano crime family.

After Phil Leotardo became boss, tensions escalate between the two crime families and Litte Carmine makes a last effort to resolve it. Phil is less generous in business dealings with the New Jersey family and still harbors anger over Tony's cousin killing Phil's brother in front of him.

When the conflict eventually escalates into a war between the two families, Little Carmine and Tony both turn to a neutral party, George Paglieri , to broker a negotiation between Tony and Butch DeConcini , the street boss for Phil Leotardo while he is in hiding.

At a sitdown with Little Carmine, Butch, Albie Cianfalone , Tony and Paulie Gualtieri , everyone agrees that the war has gone too far and that Phil's decisions have led to negative consequences on both sides.

Butch agrees to backoff while the Soprano family hunts down Phil. Pasquale "Patsy" Parisi , played by Dan Grimaldi , [11] is the accountant for Tony Soprano 's crew, and is often seen calculating the group's finances in the Bada Bing or Satriale's offices.

He also acts as a soldier, performing various enforcement tasks for the family. In addition to that, he also procures fine Italian suits for his friends and associates.

He has relatively few lines, but visually he is very frequently present on screen. Patsy has the distinction of being the only mobster in Tony's group with eyeglasses, giving him a scholarly appearance.

He is also never seen smoking cigarettes or cigars, and appears to be in better physical shape for his age than most of the crew — in the episode "Christopher" , he single-handedly climbs up a metal utility pole to take down an effigy of Christopher Columbus during a Native American protest.

Patsy had an identical twin brother, Phillip "Philly Spoons" Parisi whom Dan Grimaldi also played , who had a hit taken out on him by Tony and was killed by Soprano soldier Gigi Cestone.

He is described by Patsy after his death as a "sweet" and "gentle man" who was never "heavy" violent with anyone. He is fluent in English and Italian.

At the time, Philly was acting capo of Junior Soprano 's crew and Patsy was a member. He is from Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Patsy never had concrete evidence about his brother's murder but it occurred soon after a brief and bloody war between Junior and Tony, and Philly was known to be talking about Tony's actions.

It was this killing that prompted Tony to move Patsy to keep an eye on him. Patsy took the killing very hard, which brought on a problem with alcoholism and considering killing Tony — in , a drunken Patsy was observed by Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI agents outside the Soprano family home leveling a gun at Tony through his window on his birthday.

He reconsidered though, and only urinated in the Sopranos' pool. Patsy also openly vented his feelings of loss to the Soprano crew in front of the men responsible for his brother's death, Gigi and Tony, at a dinner in the back of Satriale's.

However, he eventually put his grief behind him. Patsy still has questionable loyalties. When Patsy's then capo Paulie Gualtieri was in prison in , Tony promoted Christopher Moltisanti to acting captain over Patsy who had seniority.

Patsy did not take this well, eventually getting into a fight with Christopher. When Paulie was released and promoted to underboss , Christopher was made capo permanently.

Patsy eventually seemed comfortable working with him. Patsy manages to hold them off, but Silvio is badly wounded and put into a coma, and Patsy runs into the woods fleeing for his life.

He survives and later celebrates his son's engagement to Meadow Soprano with Tony and his family, seeing a great opportunity to get closer to Tony.

Throughout his time with the crew, Patsy has never been seen to commit murder. Early in the series, Patsy was involved in a smuggling run of luxury clothing, supplying Carmela with a fur coat and Tony's cousin Brian with Italian suits.

Patsy and Benny Fazio work with Angie Bonpensiero , handling her money on the street and providing stolen car parts for her auto body repair shop.

Patsy helped Paulie intimidate Jason Barone when he was considering selling Barone sanitation following his father's death.

He was present when Tony won the respect of the crew by beating up Perry Annunziata at Satriale's. With the revelation that Vito Spatafore was homosexual, Patsy was one of the few crew members not to bay for blood — he laughed at Christopher's jokes and his statement "I could care less" earned derision from Paulie Gualtieri.

Despite not being considered one of Tony's "inner circle," Patsy is viewed as a reliable and trustworthy soldier by Tony. When Christopher Moltisanti is forced to go into rehabilitation for his heroin addiction, Patsy is entrusted with watching him to ensure he does not try to escape.

It was implied Tony authorized Patsy to murder Christopher should he have escaped, however in Whitecaps , Patsy reports to Tony that Christopher graduated drug rehab and looks well.

Patsy makes collections in the North Ward neighborhood. He has been having problems in the area with gentrification making it more difficult to extort businesses.

This is exemplified when Patsy tries to extort a franchised coffee shop. The manager explains that all transactions are monitored by corporate and that there are no discretionary funds to give.

As Patsy sees the old neighborhood change, he comments "it's over for the little guy. Patsy is married to Donna Parisi but has been shown with other women while the crew are out with their girlfriends.

There is some suggestion that at one point in time Pasquale and Ralph Cifaretto shared a mistress.

He has two sons— Patrick in the legal field and Jason who attends college and is involved with sports betting.

In the episode Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood , Tony mentions a daughter of Patsy's, but she is never referenced again. In Season Six, Patsy seems pleased that Patrick is dating Meadow Soprano and tells Tony that "wedding bells are in the air" and that they are not too young to be grandfathers.

He also previously expressed his pride in Jason's computer and gambling skills. While his eldest son Patrick appears to be an upstanding citizen, pursuing a career in law and dating Meadow Soprano, a like-minded individual, his younger son Jason shows more a violent, sadistic personality.

He is already involved in sports betting at a young age looks like he is an ideal recruit for the next generation of the Soprano crime family.

Eugene Pontecorvo , played by Robert Funaro , [12] was a made man in the Soprano crew, whose jobs included running a low stakes poker game, a sports betting agency, and a "no work" job at the Esplanade construction site.

Eugene Pontecorvo was introduced on the show as an associate in the Soprano crime family in the episode " Proshai, Livushka ". Eugene subsequently becomes a made man in the following episode " Fortunate Son " along with Christopher Moltisanti.

Like Vito Spatafore and Benny Fazio , he is initially introduced as a small character, whose role slowly increases throughout the series. His first act on the show is seen in " Proshai, Livushka " when he and Bobby Zanone assault a garbage sanitation man for threatening to rat out Ralph Cifaretto.

Eugene Pontecorvo also appears in a flashback to in the episode " He, along with Vito Spatafore and Donny K. His father died of a heart attack at fifty-two and since he is nearing the age his mortality is starting to scare him.

Eugene reveals his mean streak once again in the episode " Eloise " when he and another associate are sent to intimidate a juror who is on Junior Soprano 's trial.

He pays for the man's candy and drink at a check out counter in the store, intimidating him by expressing "I know you'll do the right thing", implicating he knows he will be a deadlock juror and thereby hinder Junior's conviction.

Although mild-mannered, Eugene has a tendency to lose his temper, similar to Ralph Cifaretto. He reveals in a conversation that he has been married once before marrying his wife Deanna, the mother of his two children, Ally and Robert.

In the episode " Unidentified Black Males ", while he and Little Paulie Germani are engaging in what initially began as a harmless banter at the Esplanade construction site , Little Paulie goes too far in Eugene's mind when he conveys through an innuendo that Eugene is a homosexual.

Eugene responds by smashing a glass Snapple bottle over Little Paulie's head, causing a severe gash over his eye, and kicks him repeatedly in the head.

Vito instructs an overwrought Eugene to take the rest of the day off. When Eugene asks "what about him Little Paulie?

I thought I saw a couple of niggers running that way. In Season Six's premiere episode " Members Only ", Eugene inherited 2 million dollars from his deceased aunt Edie who was married to the show business agent that represented Victor Borge.

He begins developing serious stress with his home life due to his wife pushing him to talk Tony into their retiring to Florida with the money and also his son's incessant drug-use.

He states to his friends that, "The only thing I ever found in the street was my first wife," showing that he has already had at least one failed marriage.

Eugene has a talk with Tony about him and his family moving to Florida permanently. Tony says he'll consider it, but he states Eugene took an oath indicating it is highly unlikely he'll approve.

Christopher Moltisanti assigns Eugene the task of taking out a guy named Teddy Spirodakis in Boston who owed Christopher money and failed to pay him.

Eugene is reluctant, but has to follow Christopher's order due to his rank of capo. Chris assures Eugene he will put in a good word for him to Tony as a favor for doing the hit.

Eugene drives to Boston and finds Teddy eating dinner at a fast food restaurant and shoots him repeatedly in the head. Eugene then walks out calmly.

It is revealed Eugene has been an informant for the F. After Raymond Curto dies of a massive stroke while giving potentially damaging information to Agent Robyn Sanseverino about Tony discussing a murder, the F.

Silvio informs Gene that Tony denied his request to move. With Tony and the Feds both hindering Eugene's chance to escape the mafia life and his stress caused by his unstable home life, Eugene sees no way out and hangs himself in his basement.

The character Hesh Rabkin may be a composite character inspired by music mogul Morris "Mo" Levy , [13] [14] founder of Roulette Records , who had connections to the Mafia and owned a string of racehorses , [15] Hy Weiss an associate of Levy's and Gaetano "Corky" Vastola who was a member of the Mafia in New Jersey and worked with Roulette Records.

Hesh is a Jewish loan shark and an advisor to Tony the same role he performed for Tony's father, mob captain Johnny Soprano.

Nevertheless, Tony frequently seeks out Hesh's advice on a number of issues. When Tony was estranged from his therapist he sought out Hesh as a sympathetic ear but found his listening skills not quite up to his standards, and often Tony gets annoyed in several scenes because Hesh keeps talking.

Hesh has the lowest profile out of anyone in the crime family. He is frequently seen in the back room of Satriale's Pork Store and the Bada Bing nightclub, playing cards with Tony's crew or eating with them.

Hesh is an intelligent and shrewd businessman, having made his fortune in the recording industry by founding "F-Note Records" during the s and s by bringing many young black musicians to prominence, getting royalties by having his name added as a co-writer on many songs.

Apart from an unabashed greedy streak, Hesh is largely cool-headed and good-natured. He is also unique among Tony's inner circle in that he is well educated.

Outside of business, Hesh's passions include his stable of horses and a penchant for statuesque black women. Follow by Email Subscribe to our email newsletter.

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