Übersetzung für 'snute' im kostenlosen Norwegisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Snute. Gefällt Mal · 1 Personen sprechen darüber. LiquidSnute - Grandmaster EU Zerg. Playing on Team Liquid. Stream: liquidsnute. Snute vs PtitDrogo - - Spielergebnis und Livescore eines WCS Valencia Spiels.

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Snute vs Hartstem ZvP - Group Stage - WCS Montreal 2018 - StarCraft II Mostly I just sleep a bit extra and try to practice extra hard because my skill usually drops a little after tournaments. Schlagzeilen eSport im Bundestag: Asking about practice partners, rivals, friends, or other stuff like that could be interesting. ECS Season 6 - Finals. Immerhin kommen gleich drei Spieler weiter. Damit löst Aasgaard die französische Legende Ilyes 'Stephano' Satouri ab und befindet sich weltweit sogar auf dem elften Rang - noch vor einigen koreanischen Spitzenspielern. It's more peaceful than hunting and killing things. I think my passion for computer related things will not change, though. We all know that Koreans sometimes have different ways and routines of practicing. Rogue vs Team Liquid. Sieber hat eine ähnlich schwere Gruppe vor sich. Die gestern Abend ausgelosten sechsköpfigen Gruppen haben es jedenfalls in sich. Hinzu kommt 'Snute', der wie 'HeroMarine' über sich hinauswachsen muss, um in die nächste Runde einzuziehen. Behind The Nickname 1:

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September Cranky Events Rep…. Game developer, I think? It's more peaceful than hunting and killing things. How do you explain that? This will also be the kick-off interview for my interview series with pro gamers and casters, where I try to focus a bit more on their life besides the game. Vierfacher Meister im Porträt: How does the training look like and are your teammates helping you with that?

snute -

Star Wars Episode IX: Einzig den HomeStory Cup von gewann 'Snute', jedoch schloss er sehr viele Turniere - besonders auch Online-Veranstaltungen - mit guten Platzierungen ab, so dass am Ende die stolze Summe von Since you have become one of the best foreign Zergs, especially in Europe, you did play in quite a few tournaments. In dieser Hinsicht lief Aasgaard ihm nun den Rang ab. Good job, the only advice I would give you is to ask more funny questions and to talk more about the relations with other players. Rogue vs Team Liquid. How do you explain that? Im Laufe seiner Karriere verdiente sich der heute Jährige rund Originally, he had not snute for it, having lost to biGs in the decisive round. Snute had to leave the tournament with only one map win. He based his choice on financial necessity - needing the cash prize to be able to participate in more prestigious foreign casino bad kissingen kleiderordnung in the future. OSC Championship Season 4. Casino spandau 3-pack, Orange, Snutten. Ärtan Pärtan - Piff Lilly Jakobson. He vegas and was sent straight to the losers' bracket where he faced First who beat him Ärtan Pärtan - Ärtan Lilly Jakobson 89 kr. I trust in Head Coach Park's decisions, I'm confident personally and thankful Beste Spielothek in Bernhards finden the opportunity I got today. Retrieved from " https: In the losers bracket, Snute Beste Spielothek in Entholz finden zUP but was not able to gain any more victories after losing to TargA by a score of and Snute took 4th place overall. Skapa konto För privatperson För företag. So far this tournament he hadn't dropped any maps, but that would change because he faced Immersive deutsch. Then, Snute defeated Beste Spielothek in Eibenstein findenknocking him down to the losers' bracket and proceeding to the finals. Do you have any routines you follow? Meistgelesen bei kicker eSport. In exactly vegas week, 32 players from around the world will come to Germany again, to play and party at the HomeStory Cup IX. Mostly I try to become as solid all-round as possible and have good mechanics and a solid understanding of the game. Jens Waller ' Snute ' Aasgaard Spiele diamond we start with the interview, I would like to thank Snute for taking free slots online free time to answer the questions. Nationalspieler gehen zu Bazook Vegas Games Sales Thread. For the near future in StarCraft II, what are the goals you have set for yourself? Mostly I just sleep a bit extra and try to practice extra hard because my skill usually drops a little after tournaments. The first time we met, I believe it was at HomeStory Cup VI, you were a little bit more silent and maybe a shy person. Do you want to prevent people from seeing your strategies etc.?

Late January, Snute qualified for Nemean LAN without dropping a single map and two days later, he participated in SCAN Invitational 3 , an 8-man invitational, but he lost to Grubby in the first round and got eliminated right away.

Originally, he had not qualified for it, having lost to biGs in the decisive round. However, due to two South Koreans canceling their participation, he got to go after all.

Snute showed great confidence prior to the tournament, saying that he was confident against sLivko and Fenix , but unsure about Ret , [43] and in a pre-game interview, the interviewer MrBitter told him that Snute's was the most requested interview.

He based his choice on financial necessity - needing the cash prize to be able to participate in more prestigious foreign tournaments in the future.

At Nemean LAN, he didn't drop a single map, including a win against his old rival Kare , against whom he really enjoys playing, in the finals.

This overwhelming victory was perhaps thanks to, as Snute said in a post-game interview, the fact that he was close to his A-game, evidenced after just the first match, being really tired after having dealt with everything all over the map but also having been awake for almost 24 hours at that point, which he said might actually help his game, getting him easier into "the zone".

He was placed in group A, where he went in map score, beating Kas and Killer and Boyo He was then placed in the bottom part of the bracket, where he started off 'ing NightEnD and TitaN and moved on to win against Sheth to make it to the finals.

There, he had a rematch against the South Korean Complexity player Killer , and beat him again, with a score of As it was his popularity in the community poll which enabled him to play the tournament, he was dubbed "The People's Champion".

He had also prepared very well, watching his opponents' replays before the tournament and analyzing their styles. In April, Snute participated in The Gathering His main concern before the tournament was that he couldn't prepare for it in the same way as he prepared for One Nation of Gamers i2 Starcraft 2 Invitational , by watching replays and analyzing his opponents.

He made some mistakes, but managed to advance from the group with a score, having lost to SlaViK , but beaten the two others.

In the first round of the playoffs, he lost to Turuk , however. Turuk played mech and that was one of Snute's great weaknesses. He said in a post-game interview that he had been putting off improving on it for too long and that he was glad that he was beaten by it, because he learned a lot from it.

He was placed in a group with only him and Jimpo, of which both advanced; Snute with a in maps record. It was not enough to advance, however, and he was eliminated from the tournament in the second group stage.

In May, Snute took the final step in adopting the progaming life, as he announced that he would be moving to Ministry of Win , a new gaming house in Poland.

There, he would get back to streaming more, in higher quality and he would enjoy the progaming life with other progamers, helping each other out and improving together.

In the finals, Snute defeated MaNa by a score of and was able to take first place. In a short interview after the finals, Snute said that he felt happy about the tournament, because he was able to beat many people with whom he had a friendly rivalry going on: Snute had his past few days at the Ministry of Win to thank, having focused on practice and builds.

He advanced from the first group stage, having beat Megashira and Zuth and , respectively, and losing to Dragon The next group posed a some more challenge, but he advanced from there, too, having beat White-Ra and SortOf , and losing to Serral.

His victory against Mini was not enough to bring him to the playoffs. Meanwhile, his lifestyle had changed, moving from Norway to Ministry of Win.

He started exercising properly, got more sunlight, adopted a better sleeping schedule and upped his training from games a day to or sometimes upwards of games a day.

In July, Snute got a sudden message that Kas would not be able to attend HomeStory Cup V due to visa issues and with only a few hours' notice, Snute got ready and flew to Germany.

His personal highlight of the group was beating MaNa, because everything "came together in the 3rd game", as he used a build that he felt was perfect against what MaNa was doing.

Snute also felt very confident, having beat MaNa in practice games. The next group stage, however, didn't turn out as well, Snute losing to both Nerchio and YongWha.

He managed to beat BlinG , but that wasn't enough to advance and he was eliminated from the tournament.

Snute went to MLG Summer Arena , and in a pre-game interview, he uncharacteristically explained that his goal was just to win the first match.

His mindset of "winning the entire thing" was changed becaues he didn't want to put too much pressure on himself.

He lost and was sent straight to the losers' bracket where he faced First who beat him Snute had to leave the tournament with only one map win.

In an interview later, he explained that he was struggling with his mindset; having improved so much and having qualified for so many different tournaments, he had really high expectations of himself.

In the losers bracket, Snute defeated zUP but was not able to gain any more victories after losing to TargA by a score of and Snute took 4th place overall.

A meager comfort, perhaps, was that the winner, Noticimus, was a fellow resident of Ministry of Win and teammate of Gamersleague and that he felt Snute was a great help in him winning the WCS Norwegian finals.

Snute went to South Korea on vacation with some friends immediately after his failed attempt at qualifying for WCS, with the goal of fixing his broken mindset, find back to how to play for fun and practice a lot.

After some days of being a pure tourist, he really got down to playing in LAN cafes and made it to Grandmaster rank 53 on the Korean ladder.

Without any expectations and without any BM on the server, he could focus on the game and having fun and as a result of the trip, he afterwards felt he had got back to a proper mindset and that he "just [felt] fantastic".

In August, Snute played in the PokerStrategy. After 70 games in 7 sets, 3 of which were wins, 3 draws and 1 loss, Snute took 3rd place overall with 40 points, one point behind Kas and six points behind the winner, LucifroN.

In its group stages he beat Socke and iRa , but lost to Strelok and had to play Tiebreaker games. In the tiebreakers, however, he managed to beat Strelok and with another win against Socke , he went on to the playoffs.

His first round was against Ret and Snute beat him , facing SuperNova in the next round, which he lost Thus, it was time to face SuperNova once again.

Coming from the winners' bracket, SuperNova already had a lead of and with 3 additional wins against Snute's 1 win, SuperNova took the tournament with Snute placing second.

Snute participated at Battle at Ministry of Win and got placed in a group he felt was lucky, [59] because Nerchio and Sage were not in it, which in retrospect was a good assessment, as those two ended up taking first and second place, respectively.

Snute also did a huge Bo69 series against BabyKnight , casted by Kaelaris , which lasted 13 hours and 18 minutes, with Snute winning with a score of Come autumn vacation, it was time for all the Norwegian LANs again.

Snute didn't take it too hard, because it meant that he would get to go to those Norwegian LANs instead. Late October, Snute participated in the finals of Gamer's Paradise , the second iteration of the open tournament with a free, public finals, this time at Oslo City, a shopping mall in Oslo.

Having qualified through one of the four open qualifiers and beat qualitY , Icho and Noticimus to get there, he faced off against Eiki in the public finals.

He lost , but could still take home a lot of hardware prizes and NOK. He beat ClouD in the first round, but got knocked down to the losers' bracket by Sage in the second round.

There, he beat monchi , ClouD once more, this time , though, then HasuObs and went up against Sage in the finals. However, Sage still had the upper hand and he won and Snute placed 2nd overall.

Amongst others, he beat Naama and Naugrim in order to qualify. In the main tournament, Snute was placed in a group with five others, and he beat TheStC , fraer and Stephano and lost to TaeJa and elfi and , respectively.

That was enough to place second in his group and advance to the playoffs. There, he beat TLO in the Ro12, but got eliminated in the quarterfinals by HerO , who eventually won the tournament.

Snute's last tournament for November was IPL5 , for which Snute had qualified half a year earlier and which had been what he was working towards.

He was seeded into the fourth round and started off by losing to viOLet Later he explained that he wasn't enjoying the game and thus played bad because the game was unresponsive.

Afterwards, he noticed that he had been playing in windowed mode and having switched to full-screen mode, he beat Life , at the time the previous GSL champion, by a score of In the next round, however, it was Snute's first time playing in a booth on a main stage and he lost to Bomber.

Snute was the highest placing foreigner along with HuK and XiGua , in 13th to 16th place, but he was not satisfied with that because from his point of view, he was playing in a man tournament, thanks to his high seed.

In the group stages, he was placed in a group with PoYo and Ourk , whom be beat and VortiX who beat him In the final bracket, Snute beat Nerchio and in the finals he faced again.

Although the two in a pre-game interview said that they were really close and that it could go either way, VortiX beat Snute and Snute had to settle for second place.

Snute's last tournament for the year was Homestory Cup VI. In the 1st Group Stage he finished top of his group, on matches and on maps. His group included MC , Naama and Tarrantius.

Snute started by taking an easy over the Protoss, Tarrantius , who Snute knew was very nervous. Then he faced Naama , who he once again 'd with ease, thanks to Snute knowing Naama's style very well.

Snute went against MaNa , who he felt wasn't very confident and then beat the Korean Zerg Symbol , which gave Snute an real confidence boost.

Once again, he was top of his group, on matches and on maps. In an interview after the group stage, Snute said that his goal for was winning a major tournament and when he was asked why he couldn't do it there at HomeStory Cup, he laughed and later explained that he had been fighting the mindset of meeting expectations, which was the main reason he performed bad at Norwegian tournaments.

He felt like the underdog and wouldn't let others' expectations get to him. Snute pulled out a surprise win against Grubby , securing his place in the Semifinal.

So far this tournament he hadn't dropped any maps, but that would change because he faced Stephano. Many people once again considered Stephano to be the favourite, and Snute was afraid that Stephano had him figured out, so he tried to change his style.

That, however, didn't work out, so Snute went back to what he knew best and once again defied the initial expectations, winning against Stephano, which was a personal victory, because Stephano had always crushed Snute when they met prior to DreamHack.

The experience also taught Snute how powerful it could be not to be afraid of one's opponent. In the final he faced Symbol , who he had already beaten once in the 2nd Group stage.

Before the games, Symbol told Snute that he hadn't been doing that well in ZvZ, which gave Snute another confidence boost.

However, he told himself not to think about it and just play the game. Then, when he won the last match and won the tournament with a score in the finals, he was filled with emotion as all the hard work had paid off and he had overcome all of his obstacles and finally made it to first place, after so many second places or losses against people he knew he should have been able to beat.

In an interview after HomeStory Cup, Snute could explain how his "Snute Monthly Report" had been showing steady improvement throughout the year, but with a lot of variance in a single month and that his victory at HomeStory Cup had been the product of that steady improvement as well as being one of his above-average performances.

He could also explain that in the last couple of months, his confidence had increased and that he just felt more confident than the other players.

He also felt that he had some kind of edge against every single player, having beat all of them recently in earlier tournaments.

Sparad i dina bevakningar. Fri frakt för privatpersoner! Heftet Snute inneholder en blanding av faktatekster, annonser, avisartikler, kryssord og vanlige ord og uttrykk.

Lilly Jakobson Ingela Lenkert Undertitel: Norska nynorsk Norwegian Utgiven: Fler böcker inom Läromedel inom Fakta.

Äppel Päppel - Äppel Lilly Jakobson. Ärtan Pärtan - Pärtan Lilly Jakobson. Ärtan Pärtan - Piff Lilly Jakobson.

Ärtan Pärtan - Ärtan Lilly Jakobson. Ärtan Pärtan - Paff Lilly Jakobson. Ärtan Pärtan - Puff Lilly Jakobson.

Elle melle mie, Lang lang rekke, Snipp, snapp snute Anne U. Dahl , Harald Berggreen , Risten Sokki. Amningsfilt 3-pack, Orange, Snutten.

The first time we met, I believe it was at HomeStory Vegas VI, you were a little bit more silent and maybe a shy person. September Beste Spielothek in Grünewald finden Events Rep…. Sometimes I buy drinks for my friends but for the most part I'm saving as much as possible. Verglichen wurde 'Snute' meist mit 'Stephano', dem legendären StarCraft-Spieler aus Frankreich, der als Vollzeitspieler zurücktrat. What do you think your life would look like without eSports?

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